' Cybercharity sprinted to the finish line last month when government purchasing portal FedCenter.com and the Zachary Hebda Foundation donated $17,000 to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center for leukemia vaccine research. FedCenter runners and others raised the money with the 5K Zack's Run, named for a 5-year-old leukemia victim.

' Great title for one of the world's thinnest books: Spotted Owl Recipes by the Environmental Protection Agency. It was in a joke list in a newsletter by and for inmates of the Marshall County, Miss., Correctional Facility. Thanks to assistant warden David Helmic and GCN reader Libby Boone.

' The case of the missing W keys at the White House sounds like a creative new approach to hacking. Imagine the confusion if IRS keyboards lost the $ key. What would the Office of Management and Budget do without Ctrl or the Federal Bureau of Prisons without Esc? Instead of replacing keyboards, the White House reportedly is buying all new systems'in case of virus vandalism.

' Meanwhile, the leading information technology equipment purchase in California these days is the corded telephone that gets power from phone lines and works during rolling blackouts.

' Road rage is nothing new on highways, but recent research indicates it takes some time to build in Internet users. Some Web surfers wait as long as 12 minutes before they blast a search to bits. A recent survey by Roper Starch Worldwide Inc. of New York found that the more impatient searchers gave up after three minutes.

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