HP network router forwards documents

HP network router forwards documents

The paperless office suffered another setback last month when Hewlett-Packard Co. announced a new kind of network router'for documents.

HP's document router acts somewhat like a multifunction scan-print-fax device, except that it can also distribute e-mail, do local and remote print serving, and publish documents on an intranet. The plug-and-play router works with any desktop or Internet application across Microsoft Windows, Unix, IBM AS/400, Mac OS or mainframe platforms.

Client systems need no individual printer and fax software installed'everything goes to the router. In case of delivery failure, the router keeps trying. Three models, priced from $12,000 up, handle 100 to 800 users and as many as 300 output devices.

Contact HP's federal office at 410-362-7627.

'S.M. Menke

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