HP OpenView will manage DMS networks

HP OpenView will manage DMS networks

By William Jackson

GCN Staff

FEB. 12'Network administrators' familiarity with Hewlett-Packard OpenView Network Node Manager has led Defense Message System officials to select it as the primary management tool for the classified messaging network.

The Defense Information Systems Agency has licensed about 350 copies of the software at an undisclosed price. About 600 military locations have deployed DMS, which is replacing the old AUTODIN system.

OpenView did not have to be modified for the Defense Department, which already had a large pool of workers familiar with the network management software, officials said. Some other DMS software components, however, have received modifications for encryption and certificate authentication [see story at www.gcn.com/vol1_no1/daily-updates/1576-1.html].

When completed in 2003, DMS will have 100,000 users in all service branches and will handle traffic classified up to the top-secret level.

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