The Checklist tells webmasters how to simplify

The Checklist tells webmasters how to simplify

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

MARCH 5'Developers at the National Institute on Aging have produced a glossy, 16-page booklet of advice for webmasters, based on extensive research on site usability.

The Checklist is available from NIA and the National Library of Medicine in Adobe Portable Document Format at, or by calling 800-222-2225.

NIA's constituency is people aged 60 and older'the fastest-growing category of Web users. 'The more we know about how to reach them, the better we fulfill our mission,' said Jane Shure, the team leader and chief of the office of communications.

'Web gatekeepers are so different from the larger audience,' she said. Young webmasters think 'the techier, the better. Everyone wants JavaScript and animation.' But the Interactive Age Page, which NIA will bring up this June at, adheres to the Checklist's design principles of simplification, organization, clarification and repetition.

The Interactive Age Page will not only post public information but also offer instruction to medical personnel and lay visitors. Initially, the topics will be Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's caregiving, stroke and exercise for seniors. The site has open captioning for Section 508 compliance.


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