Citizens rush to download Bush budget proposal

Citizens rush to download Bush budget proposal

By Julie Britt

GCN Staff

MARCH 13—Eager to scan President Bush's budget plans for 2002, Web-savvy citizens downloaded A Blueprint for New Beginnings: A Responsible Budget for America's Priorities more than 125,000 times in the first 24 hours after its release on Feb. 28, officials said. That figure grew to 200,000 downloads within 48 hours.

The Government Printing Office's GPO Access site posted the 175-page proposal in Portable Document Format at when the print version was released. The electronic version was produced from the typesetting files for the print version to ensure that the online document was an exact duplicate of the book, GPO officials said.

More than 500 copies of the print version were sold on the first day of release, and the document was distributed to more than 1,300 Federal Deposit Libraries nationwide.

A Blueprint for New Beginnings, the first budget proposal from the Bush administration, outlines the president's policies and priorities, and summarizes agency budget proposals.


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