U.S. ranks third in e-gov, Accenture finds

U.S. ranks third in e-gov, Accenture finds

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

APRIL 9'The U.S. government took third place behind the governments of Canada and Singapore in a broad-ranging Accenture study of electronic-government services around the world.

Consultants at Accenture, formerly Andersen Consulting of Chicago, carried out the study in January by pretending to be local citizens and businesses conducting Internet transactions with 22 governments. They tested 165 types of transactions such as defense, education, human services, postal, public safety and transportation.

Accenture judged the maturity of service delivery by the presence of a nationwide portal designed as a single point of entry for citizens, noncitizens and businesses. Canada, Singapore and the United States all operate nationwide portals, the consultants said, but 'few good portal sites exist, and those that do have a long way to go to be truly customer-focused and intentions-based.'

Canada's bilingual portal, www.canada.gc.ca, links to major agencies and maintains a consistent look and feel, the study said. Singapore's, at www.gov.sg, offers citizen-centric services such as birth registrations, housing searches and police report filing. The U.S. portal, at www.firstgov.gov, is intentions-based and 'under pressure to integrate disciplines such as customer relationship management,' the study said.

More information about the study appears at www.accenture.com.


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