Federal sites score with business magazine

Federal sites score with business magazine

The Census Bureau and the Securities and Exchange Commission led a list of seven federal Web sites included in Entrepreneur Magazine's '100 Best Web Sites for Small Business.' The list appears in the April issue of the magazine and online at www.entrepreneur.com/Home/HM_Static/1,1845,dbapp_bestsites_index,00.html.

Among the features on the Census Bureau's site is its detailed American Fact Finder search.

SEC's site offers free perusal of its EDGAR database, along with a tutorial on how to search it.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics site provides economic data by region, state or metropolitan area.

size="2">'If we're going to get truly the best and brightest in government, they'll be smart enough to run the hell away.'

size="1">'Outgoing Commerce Department CIO Roger Baker [Page 5]

size="2">"If you cut corners, you've been had, and when you've been had, we've all been had. You ought to be held accountable for it."

size="1">'Maj. Gen. Dave Bryan, vice commander of Defense Information Systems Agency, on systems security


size="1">'Jerry Edgerton, WorldCom Inc. senior VP for government markets, admitting to some billing problems under FTS 2001 [Page 33]

size="2">'On the Internet, you don't know where your criminal is. It could be someone across the street or [across] the country.'

size="1">'Kevin Delli-Colli, director of the Customs Service's CyberSmuggling Center [Page'9]

The magazine ranked sites on a scale of zero to 10 and included both domestic and foreign sites. Census (www.census.gov) and SEC (www.sec.gov) both scored 5.0, the highest scores among government sites.

The magazine called Census' site 'a treasure chest of demographic and statistical info on the nation,' and lauded SEC for allowing free searches of its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system.

Also listed were the sites of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (stats.bls.gov), Small Business Administration (www.sbaonline.sba.gov), , IRS (www.irs.gov) and Patent and Trademark Office (www.uspto.gov), and the FirstGov portal (www.firstgov.gov).

'Kevin McCaney


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