Two crypto products gain security status

Two crypto products gain security status

The Rosetta USB token from Spyrus Inc. of San Jose, Calif., is the first PC token for the Universal Serial Bus port to get Level 2 certification under Federal Information Processing Standard 140-1.

Level 2 approval means that Rosetta USB's purported tamper-evident design provides high-access security. The key-shaped token needs no reader. Its 32K chip, from Infineon Technologies AG of Munich, Germany, runs the Spyrus Card Operating System and can store private keys for authentication and encryption.

Meanwhile, the VeriSign Processing Center platform, a public-key infrastructure product from VeriSign Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., has been accredited under Common Criteria standards for evaluating information security products.

The VeriSign Processing Center provides end-to-end PKI services for issuing and managing digital certificates and keys that control access, authentication and encryption.

'W. Jackson

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