DISA general calls for accountability

DISA general calls for accountability

SAN DIEGO'If a soldier, sailor, pilot or Marine fails to follow protocol in protecting Defense Department systems from intrusion, he or she should be held accountable, because the failure threatens the entire network.

Those were the sentiments expressed by Maj. Gen. Dave Bryan, vice commander of the Defense Information Systems Agency and leader of DISA's new security strategy, during opening remarks at the Jointable C4ISR Technology Symposium sponsored last month by the San Diego chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.

On April 2, Bryan was named commander of the Joint Taskforce for Computer Network Operations, which oversees computer network attack and computer network defense. The CNO team, aimed at warding off a new level of service attacks that target transport systems, will eventually grow to 144 people, Bryan said, including law enforcement and intelligence agents.

Bryan called on systems administrators to begin using point-and-click hacker tools to test password files for vulnerability.

'If you cut corners, you've been had, and when you've been had, we've all been had,' Bryan said. 'Your vulnerability makes everyone vulnerable. You ought to be held accountable for it.'

'Dawn S. Onley


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