100 percent of bandwidth is Web100's goal

100 percent of bandwidth is Web100's goal

The Web100 Project is distributing initial versions of software fine-tuned to exploit 100 percent of available bandwidth on high-speed networks.

Project collaborators are the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, National Center for Atmospheric Research and National Center for Supercomputing Applications. The goal is a combined freeware operating system, Web server and Web browser that delivers end-to-end maximum performance. Current operating environments often restrict users to a fraction of available bandwidth [GCN, Feb. 19, Page 23].

Web100 programmers are refining the Transmission Control Protocol under Linux. Their initial release, Alpha 0, went out to testers March 19.

Web100 network research coordinator Mark Mathis said this month that release of Alpha 0.2 is imminent.

'W. Jackson

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