' Hang up! There's a row in Hong Kong because the medical society won't ban doctors from using cell phones in operating rooms. A patient complained that he overheard a surgeon's 14-minute discussion about buying a car while he had an intestinal polyp removed. Perhaps not coincidentally, he ended up with a punctured colon wall. The medical society says calls are OK if they are justified and don't compromise the surgery. Gives a whole new meaning to 'Operator!'

' Web I. Reuters says Chinese hackers have ended the cyberwar they allegedly waged to deface U.S. civilian and military Web sites in retaliation for an April 1 collision that killed a Chinese fighter pilot.

' Talk to me. The Chinese fighter pilot was photographed waving a piece of paper with his e-mail address during a previous close encounter with an American plane, the Pentagon said. Maybe he just wanted to talk.

' Web II. More than 66,000 people have paid respects to the pilot at a Chinese memorial Web site. There are the usual condolences, plus anti-American statements such as 'We will kill a few pigs to reserve [sic] your anniversary next year.'

' Web III. A human rights group says Chinese police detained a man for printing out pro-democracy material from a Web site. Another man was busted for having anticommunist statements on his home page. Worried about Big Brother reading your home page? Tell [email protected].

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