This trick can boost memory management

This trick can boost memory management

Microsoft Windows 98 has several quirks that can be blamed on poor virtual memory management. They show up in heavy swapping of data from RAM to the hard drive.

When memory gets backed up, performance slows considerably.

Here's a trick to reconfigure memory management. Right-click on My Computer and go to Properties. Click on Performance and note how much RAM is available. Multiply that figure by 2.5. If you have 256M of RAM, for example, you get 640.

Under the Performance tab, click on Virtual Memory and then on 'Let me specify my own virtual memory settings.' Place the number you obtained in both the minimum and maximum slots and click OK. That will clear the memory every time it reaches a certain level.

Ignore any warning messages about changing the virtual memory settings. When you reboot, you will likely find that images won't freeze and the computer won't lock up so often.

'C.A. Soto

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