ITAA seeks 508 clarifications

ITAA seeks 508 clarifications

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

MAY 29'The Information Technology Association of America wants to know more precisely what the final Federal Acquisition Regulation rule about Section 508 means.

In a letter to the General Services Administration last week, ITAA said federal contractors and contracting officers need clarification of the term 'equivalent facilitation' for disabled users who cannot be accommodated exactly as 508 requires.

ITAA also said some agencies 'might interpret the FAR rule as requiring an amendment' whenever none of the products offered in a procurement seems to satisfy accessibility standards. The association said it believes adding the phrase 'best meets the accessibility standards' would avoid such amendments.

It further asked GSA to clarify the rule that agencies issuing indefinite-quantity contracts must make available the accessibility information provided by their vendors. 'No one definition of 'Section 508-compliant' exists,' ITAA said, and some agencies might interpret the rule as demanding a straight yes or no answer from vendors about compliance.

The Arlington, Va., association represents about 500 U.S. information technology vendors. Its letter to GSA appears in Adobe Portable Document Format on the Web, at


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