1. Large military association

3. Group for govt. data center types

6. It's needed for apps to interact

8. Homonym for scuzzy

10. Code representing an object

11. Contiguous states in DOD lingo

12.Cards for PC network access

14. Memory module

16. DOD's secret network

18. All-in-one platform for app

21. Transmission mode; bank machine

22. Govt. interoperability platform

24. Memory with read-only access

25. Law creating CIOs

27. 'Decent' encryption freeware

29. Govt. requirements document

31. DOD attack or data storage

32. Network supporting OC speeds

34. Drafting software or an oaf

36. Uncle Sam's headhunter

37. Specific contract item

38. Oracle makes one

40.Performance law

42. '90s requirements contract

45. Measure of computing speed

46. Software bought at Staples?

47. Where G-men hang out

48. Uncle Sam's tax collector

49. Alien outreach agency

50. Dept. whose home is Ground Zero

51. What systems in 'glass houses' did

52. Document seeking vendor pricing

1.Plain-text format

2. Antiquated DOD messaging system

3. Treasury center that tracks cash

4. Secret Service's shorthand for the prez

5. Basic phone service

7. An ID code

9. Big Blue

13. A business providing Net services

15. NASA's megasize contract

17. SEC's filing system

19. Federal financial organization

20. Agency that conceived of the Net

23. Internet overseers group

26. Bill Gates' first OS

28. Your own portable secretary

30. Information access law

33. Internet protocol

35. Memory or a jigger at the pub

39. Final bidding round proposal

40. Longtime schedule reseller

41. Federal standards bearer

42. Integrated network standard

43. Major workstation maker

44. Farmers' friend in Washington

46. IRM director, in today's lingo

47. Guide to federal buying regs


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  • Russia prying into state, local networks

    A Russian state-sponsored advanced persistent threat actor targeting state, local, territorial and tribal government networks exfiltrated data from at least two victims.

  • Marines on patrol (US Marines)

    Using AVs to tell friend from foe

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for ways autonomous vehicles can make it easier for commanders to detect and track threats among civilians in complex urban environments without escalating tensions.

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