Bush sets assistive plan

Bush sets assistive plan

A new Office of the 21st Century Workforce in the Labor Department will bring 'new opportunities for U.S. workers,' particularly in assistive and telecommuting technologies, President Bush said last month.

He plans to name a presidential council to advise him on labor matters.

Bush also toured the Defense Department's Assistive Technology Center last month to see a demonstration of screen readers and voice recognition software.

He said he will ask Congress 'to increase funding to bring assistive technologies to market more quickly, to help make them more affordable for the people who need them, and to speed research in developing new technologies.'

For example, the president said he will seek tax incentives for employers to provide assistive devices for disabled workers as well as those who want to telecommute.

Bush praised Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments, saying it will make 'more opportunities for people of all abilities to access government information.'

'S.M. Menke

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