U.S. has eight of the 10 fastest supercomputers

U.S. has eight of the 10 fastest supercomputers

The U.S. government owns eight of the world's 10 fastest computers and uses them for modeling nuclear weapons, weather patterns and gasoline combustion.

A semiannual survey released last month by independent researchers, at www.top500.org, shows that the government owns 85 of the fastest 500 systems.

The Energy Department's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative White supercomputer is No. 1 for the second time [GCN, Jan. 22, Page 29].

ASCI White, an IBM SP with 8,192 375-MHz IBM Power3 processors, can theoretically calculate up to 7.2 trillion floating-point operations per second.

Another IBM SP, an unclassified Energy supercomputer at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., debuts at No. 2 with a theoretical peak speed of 2.5 TFLOPS.

'P. Daukantas

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