Ellison: Toss the middleware

Ellison: Toss the middleware

Quick, what's the dumbest way you can think of to assemble an information architecture? How about trying to tie disparate databases together with middleware so they function as a single virtual database?

Lawrence J. Ellison

You've been trying that for years? It will never work, according to Lawrence J. Ellison, chairman and chief executive officer of Oracle Corp.

'I keep hearing 'integration via middleware, integration via middleware.' This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's absurd.

It's a nitwit idea, but it's the conventional wisdom,' Ellison told a largely government crowd at last week's E-Gov conference in Washington.
Noting that Oracle is a major vendor of middleware in addition to its flagship database and applications, Ellison asserted that agencies should continuously reduce the number of databases they operate and consolidate them'preferably into one.

Only with fewer, centralized databases can large companies or agencies organize their data into useful information, Ellison said. 'Lots of databases means less information,' he added.

' T.R. Temin


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