How Authentica's policy server controls documents

How Authentica's policy server controls documents

NetRecall scrambles the contents of downloaded Web pages within a second or two of receiving a command. It can also keep them from being printed, copied or forwarded. Web pages can be set to expire after a certain time wherever they happen to be.

NetRecall from Authentica Inc. of Waltham, Mass., works by assigning rights. It can operate either as a centrally managed Web application or as a distributed authoring environment.

A NetRecall policy server for an intranet such as that envisioned by the FBI stores rules about which users can access what content.

The policy server encrypts every page by the 128-bit RC4 algorithm of RSA Security Inc. of Bedford, Mass., and registers the symmetric keys for decrypting them.

Step one, download

To access a page, a user must first download a NetRecall browser plug-in and receive a 700-byte key that deletes itself after decryption. If the policy is revoked, the key dies.

Pressing the browser's Back button will not display any previous page; the user must receive a fresh key for each viewing.

The policy server costs about $17,000 for 25 concurrent users; clients are free. Authentica has versions of Recall for documents and e-mail created in multiple applications.

Contact Authentica at 781-487-2600.

'Susan M. Menke

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