Here's who are calling the IT shots

Here's who are calling the IT shots

Six months into a new administration, federal IT leadership choices are nearly complete

It's been six months and a couple of days since the Bush administration moved into the White House, prompting the usual shake-up in agency leadership that comes with a changing of the guard.

So, who's who in government information technology today? What follows is a list of the top IT people in cabinet-level departments, agencies and other offices. Many names are familiar, but some are new. Notably, only a few chief information officer posts remain vacant.

  • Office of Management and Budget

    Associate director for IT and electronic government:
    Mark Forman
    OMB's associate director of IT and e-government Mark Forman
    Mark Forman

    Deputy administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: Donald Arbuckle

    OIRA branch chief: Dan Chenok


  • Agriculture

    CIO: Ira L. Hobbs, acting

  • Commerce

    CIO: Tom Pyke, acting

    Deputy CIO: Karen Hogan, acting

  • Defense

    Assistant secretary for command, control, communications and intelligence, and CIO: Linton Wells II, acting

    Deputy CIO: Margaret Myers, acting

  • Air Force

    CIO: Lawrence J. Delaney

    Deputy CIO: John Gilligan

    Deputy CIO: Lt. Gen. John Woodward

  • Army

    Peter Cuviello
    Army Lt. Gen. Peter Cuviello
    CIO: Lt. Gen. Peter Cuviello

    Deputy CIO: David Borland

  • Navy

    CIO: Daniel E. Porter

    Deputy CIO: Ron Turner

  • Defense Information Systems Agency

    CIO: Shirley L. Fields

    Deputy CIO: Col. Michael F. Turner

  • Defense Logistics Agency

    CIO: Mae DeVincentis

  • Education

    CIO: Craig Luigart

    Deputy CIO: Richard Miller

  • Energy

    CIO: Howard Landon, acting

  • Health and Human Services

    CIO: Vacant

    Deputy CIO: Brian P. Burns

  • Housing and Urban Development

    CIO: Gloria Parker

    Deputy CIO for IT reform: Debra D. Stouffer

  • Interior

    Daryl W. White
    Interior CIO Daryl W. White
    CIO: Daryl W. White

    Deputy CIO: Sue Rachlin

  • Justice

    Assistant attorney general for administration, CIO: Janis Sposato, acting

    Deputy assistant attorney general and deputy CIO: Linda Burek

  • Labor

    CIO: Patrick Pizzella

    Deputy CIO for information: Laura Callahan

  • State

    CIO: Ferdando Burbano

    Deputy CIO for architecture, planning and regulation: Roy A. Standing

  • Treasury

    CIO: James Flyzik

    Deputy CIO: Mayi Canales

    Director of IT policy and strategy: Jane Sullivan

  • Transportation

    CIO: Vacant

    Deputy CIO: Eugene K. Taylor Jr.

  • Veterans Affairs

    CIO: Guy McMichael, acting


  • Agency for International Development

    CIO: Richard Nygard

    Deputy CIO: Peter Benedict

  • CIA

    CIO: Alan Wade

    Deputy CIO: Douglas J. Naquin

  • Environmental Protection Agency

    Assistant administrator and CIO: Margaret N. Schneider, acting

    Deputy CIO: Mark Day

  • FBI

    Assistant director for information resources: Bob E. Dies

  • Federal Communications Commission

    CIO: Ronald Stone

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency

    CIO: G. Clay Hollister

    Deputy CIO: Dennis DeWalt

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

    CIO: Fernanda Young

  • Federal Trade Commission

    CIO: Keith Golden, acting

  • General Accounting Office

    Director for IT management issues: David J. McClure

  • General Services Administration

    CIO: Michael W. Carleton

    Deputy CIO: Susan C. Chu

    Associate administrator for governmentwide policy: G. Martin Wagner

  • NASA

    Lee Holcomb
    NASA CIO Lee Holcomb
    CIO: Lee Holcomb

    Deputy CIO: David B. Nelson

  • National Archives and Records Administration

    Deputy archivist and chief of staff: Lewis J. Bellardo

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology

    CIO: William O. Mehuron, acting

  • National Science Foundation

    CIO: Linda Massaro

  • National Security Agency

    CIO: Richard G. Turner

  • National Transportation Safety Board

    Chief of IT: Linda Harradine

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    CIO: Stuart Reiter

    Deputy CIO: Jacqueline Silber

  • Office of Personnel Management

    CIO: Janet Barnes

  • Postal Service

    Vice president for information systems: Richard D. Weirich

  • Securities and Exchange Commission

    Executive director of information: Michael Eric Bartell

  • Small Business Administration

    CIO: Lawrence Barrett

  • Social Security Administration

    CIO: Marsha Rydstrom, acting

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