' Microsoft goes into the 'softwear' business. Buoyed by the outcome of its antitrust case, Microsoft Corp. has diversified its product offerings. The software monopoly set up the Freedom to Innovate Network site, at www.microsoft.com/FREEDOMTOINNOVATE. FIN posts news about the case and encourages the public to lobby elected officials in its favor. New Microsoft products available through the site: a white FIN T-shirt displaying a U.S. flag logo.

' Elvis still in the building? Gallup pollsters, on the 24th anniversary of Elvis Presley's last concert, reported that up to 16 percent of Americans believe he is still with us in body as well as in spirit. He even has a real e-mail address: [email protected].

' Let's FaceIt. Biometric surveillance is just getting started, and it already has a public relations problem. The Associated Press reported this month that citizens on the streets of Tampa, Fla., rioted when police set up the FaceIt video face-scanning database system from Visionics Corp. of Jersey City, N.J., in a lively downtown area on a recent weekend. Tampa also tried out the FaceIt system at January's Super Bowl XXXV, scanning for faces of known terrorists. Oddly enough, Elvis was not sighted in Tampa. His last concert there was in 1955.

' Elvis in the machine. An Elvis detector for Microsoft Windows, downloadable from www.ibiblio.org/elvis/elvishom.html, claims to detect the presence of the King in your PC. Mac users are not left out'there's an Elvis decoder ring for secret Mac messages. Send us a secret at [email protected].


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