3. Federal ___ Administration

5. Just a bunch of disks (abbrev.)

7. Digital ___ Tape

13. Temporary storage space

15. Digital ___ disk

16. Core ___

17. Linear Tape ___

20. Same as IDE

22. SAN connectivity (two words)

23.To force from straight to curved

24. House of Commons leader (abbrev.)

25.Segmentation of data to multiple logical drives

28. A Hawaiian food

30. Apple Computer's Jobs

31. To write data to multiple disks simultaneously

33. Storage ___ network

35. End product of protein decomposition

37. Chemical symbol for tin

40. Aquatic vehicle

41. Do, re, ___

43. Removable diskette

44. First key in 'three-finger salute'

45. Unit of pressure

47. Irish nickname for father

48. Most frequent value in a data set

51. Inspector Maigret's creator

52. Recent version of Microsoft Windows

53. Roman sun god


1. Gore or Roker

2. '___ the Mood'

3.Human resources (abbrev.)

4. Past tense, singular, of being

6. Extra copy of data

8. Sony Advanced ___ Tape

9. Network-___ storage

10. Receptacle for a disk drive

11. Defense programming language

12. Lots of hard drives

14. To squeeze more data into the same space

18. Large group of hard drives

19. A 'scuzzy' way to connect a drive

20. U.S. standards body (abbrev.)

21. Acting (abbrev.)

24. Palm or PocketPC device (abbrev.)

26. One trillion bytes

27. Round magnetic plate in a hard disk

28. A bird, cat, dog or fish

29. Long period of time

30. Code as you write it

32. AOL chat tool (abbrev.)

34. Sixth president's mom

36. Boredom

38. It runs professional football

39. Write-once, read-many (abbrev.)

42. Cleveland's great lake

46.To feel regret for

49. Not off

50.Millisecond (abbrev.)

For the answers, go to and click on Current Issue Crossword/Puzzle.


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