Arbitrator: FAA computer specialists get raise

Arbitrator: FAA computer specialists get raise

The Federal Aviation Administration's computer specialists are entitled to the same pay raise that other federal computer specialists received in January, an arbitrator ruled this week.

The FAA cannot arbitrarily refuse to grant the raise, the arbitrator said. The agency must pay the information technology employees the increase back to January 1, plus interest.

The decision affects a group of GS-334 employees represented by the Professional Airways Systems Specialists union [see stories at and].

The agency contended that the employees were not eligible for the raise because of FAA's personnel pay bands. But PASS maintained that until a replacement system is negotiated, the specialists were still covered by the governmentwide pay schedules and were entitled to any governmentwide increase.

'FAA's IT employees were eligible for the increase from Day 1,' said Michael Fanfalone, PASS national president. 'We had no negotiated pay system in place, and the agency said it would follow the GS system until we do have one.'

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