Cache system will speed up storage arrays

Cache system will speed up storage arrays

A data storage manufacturer has introduced a cache system that speeds up enterprise applications on server farms and storage area networks.

The MTI V-Cache enterprise storage accelerator is a large set of RAM modules accompanied by storage virtualization software, said Brendan Halffman, a product marketing manager at MTI Technology Corp. of Anaheim, Calif.

The biggest bottleneck in application performance today is input-output speed, Halffman said.

Disk I/O has not kept up with increases in CPU clock speeds or hard-drive capacities.

Application and SAN servers see the V-Cache as another logical device. 'It mimics generic storage to the applications,' Halffman said.

The V-Cache unit comes with redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, cooling fans and built-in backup disks.

A graphical interface lets system administrators manage V-Cache from anywhere on the network, Halffman said.

Administrators can connect the V-Cache to a SAN via one of several data-flow methods: Fibre Channel, Internet SCSI or InfiniBand. Data access time is rated at 0.05 milliseconds.

V-Cache capacity starts at 4.3G and can go up to 50G and beyond, Halffman said. The minimum 4.3G capacity costs $70,000.

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