Analyst says cyberattacks are next wave

Analyst says cyberattacks are next wave

A wave of cyberattacks against government and business systems is likely once the military response begins against Tuesday's terrorist attacks, a former National Security Agency analyst said this week.

John Pescatore, now research director of Internet security for Gartner Inc. of Stamford, Conn., said, 'I think it will be the next step. First the [U.S.] military response and then a wave of cyberincidents, some by the usual hackers, and then politically motivated hacking. I'm telling companies to start planning now because the U.S. will not give a lot of warning' when the military moves to take action.

'It's really hard to see these types of things coming. Stopping something like this would have been incredibly difficult,' he said. Ironically, concern about cyberterrorism might have drawn resources away from conventional intelligence programs, Pescatore said.

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