• Job training. The Army has outsourced construction of an enterprise learning management system that will let soldiers train on the Web. As many as 1 million soldiers annually will be able to use the system to meet their occupational specialty requirements.

    To build the system, the Army awarded a $27 million, eight-year contract to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP of New York. The system will run on an automated Army training and education network that will integrate 400 training facilities. Soldiers will have access to training resources both in classrooms and at home.

  • Strategy needed. The General Accounting Office has found that the Defense Department's Logistics Strategic Plan is too broad and fails to provide a thorough strategy to guide DOD's logistics objectives.

    In its report, Defense Logistics: Strategy Planning Weaknesses Leave Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness of Future Support Systems at Risk, GAO said that although DOD had taken steps to develop a strategy to guide re-engineering initiatives, the plan was too broad in scope and progressing too slowly.

    'The plan, which is organized around six broad objectives and associated generic performance measures, is very general and does not provide a cohesive planning strategy for developing future logistics systems,' the GAO found.

    Furthermore, the report said, DOD's plan only covers supply and inventory management and neglects maintenance and transportation functions.

    DOD concurred with the report and its recommendations, which include identifying the numbers and types of logistics facilities and personnel the department will need.
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