Ashcroft pushes data sharing

Ashcroft pushes data sharing

John Ashcroft

The Justice Department aims to expand information sharing among federal, state and local organizations, Attorney General John Ashcroft said.

Justice offices will review their information to determine whether it should be shared with law enforcement, intelligence, defense or security personnel, Ashcroft said during the release of the department's action plan for fiscal 2001 through 2006.

"First and foremost, a new mission requires a new way of doing business," he said.

Ashcroft asked offices to analyze information carefully for threats and leads and to share them with state and local law enforcement officials.

The department's other goals are to:

  • Develop a plan to consolidate duplicative functions in the department

  • Create a uniform grant application system at the Office of Justice Programs that is more reliable, efficient and has better accountability.

  • Implement a departmentwide financial management system

  • Develop a comprehensive IT plan that supports strategic goals and improves information management.

  • Restructure the Immigration and Natrualization Service to have separate enforcement and service functions and improve application processing to reduce the backlog.
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