OMB lists 126,000 jobs for possible outsourcing

OMB lists 126,000 jobs for possible outsourcing

The Office of Management and Budget yesterday released a third inventory of agency jobs under the 2001 Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act. The jobs deemed not inherently governmental are potentially open to public-private competition.

OMB's third inventory catalogs 556,084 positions at 17 agencies, of which 126,078, or 22.7 percent, are designated as not inherently governmental. For the year, OMB has reviewed 108 agencies with about 1 million positions, of which more than 428,000 were not inherently governmental.

Agencies releasing their lists in the latest round include the Agriculture, Justice, Labor, Transportation and Treasury departments and the General Services and Social Security administrations. Every agency except the CIA lists such jobs on its Web site.

One agency conspicuously missing from the inventories so far is the Defense Department, which opens more positions to outsourcing than any other department. A DOD spokeswoman said the inventory went to OMB within the deadline. An OMB spokeswoman said that DOD jobs will be part of a fourth set of inventories due later this year, and that its size is a reason why it has taken so long to review.

The Bush administration hopes to open at least 5 percent of all noninherently governmental jobs to private-sector competition this year and 10 percent by 2003.

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