Course offers training for enterprise architects

Course offers training for enterprise architects

How a federal agency builds up its enterprise architecture has always been something of a mystery, and sometimes an accident. A 10-week Federal Enterprise Architecture Certificate course in Arlington, Va., sponsored by California State University at Los Angeles, will show feds how to define an architecture, write a statement of work, evaluate tools and build a model.

Mike Tiemann, director of architecture and standards for the Energy Department and chairman of the CIO Council's Federal Architecture Working Group, said he hopes to participate by teaching an overview of enterprise frameworks. 'There's a significant requirement for rapidly bringing people up to speed' with modeling technology, he said.

The tools include modeling products from Popkin Software of New York and Ptech Inc. of Boston. The $9,950 course involves two weeks of intensive courses, two weeks of tool training and six monitored weeks back at the workplace to design a model, followed by a presentation and test.

The college-level FEAC program, which begins March 4, requires knowledge of IT and modeling but does not require a college degree. More information appears at

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