• Powelldigm shift. Secretary of State Colin Powell hasn't gotten over his passion for technological gadgets developed over a long military career. Earlier this year, a senior staff member reports, Powell waxed rhapsodic about a new household toy: TiVo, the digital video recorder that lets viewers replay or delay TV shows without tape. The staff member quoted Powell as saying, 'This will change your TV viewing paradigm.'

  • Round-trip moonfare and lodging: $750,000. Hotel entrepreneur Robert Bigelow hopes to cut way back on NASA's $1 billion estimate for a suitable habitat for tourists in space, according to a report last month in the Las Vegas Mercury. Bigelow Aerospace is already building a giant inflatable habitat for trial launch in about 18 months. Gee, what'll they call it? The Ripstop-Carlton?

  • Feds are good. According to Gallup pollsters, the number of Americans who say they have high trust in government jumped after Sept. 11 to 60 percent, up from 42 percent in 2000. That marks the poll's highest government trust rating since the 1960s. Gallup also noted that the average American claims to spend 0.9 hours a day on the Internet, compared with 2.5 hours watching television.

  • Who needs a PC? An abacus is smaller and cheaper, plus it saves energy and is virusfree, reports the China Abacus Association, at english.peopledaily.com.cn/200201/02/eng20020102_87951.shtml. New abacus designs even resemble a PC keyboard.

  • Supercaliexponential. Nine years ago, only 50 Web servers were known to exist, according to Northrop Grumman Corp.'s 2002 calendar of IT. At the end of 2001, the Netcraft Web Server Survey, at serverwatch.internet.com/netcraft/200112netcraft.html, counted 36.3 million Web servers. Send us a few million news tips at buzz@postnewsweektech.com.
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