People on the Move

People on the Move


'It's not like people that apply for welfare are going to have a T1 line.'
'John Kamensky, a senior researcher for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, on the need for e-government projects to include services for people who don't have computers or Internet access [Page 8]

'I'm not convinced yet that it's something where resources are an issue. I'm convinced at this point that we haven't used the resources we have as effectively as we could.'
'FEMA CIO Ronald E. Miller, on federal IT security shortcomings [Page 35]

'We're no longer buying IT as hardware but as services, and spending as much as for hardware. That's an interesting revelation, but it's a fact.'
'Michael Canales, Defense Department procurement analyst, referring to a new online guide to performance-based contracts

'They could be in your clothing, in your watch, in your shoe, in your eyeglasses. Anywhere. In chairs, in tables, in the walls.'
'Martin Herman, chief of information access in NIST's IT laboratory, describing where computing devices in a pervasive computing environment could be [Page 23]

Steven Price has been named to head a new Defense Department office that will establish policy for command, control and communications, and provide direction on frequency spectrum.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld last month announced the creation of the new office and the appointment of Price as assistant secretary of Defense for spectrum and C3 policy. He'll report to Defense CIO John P. Stenbit.

Danielle M. Germain is the new director of technology programs for the Council for Excellence in Government.

Patricia McGinnis, the council's president and CEO, last month named Germain to lead technology programs and work with the Technology Leadership Consortium, made up of representatives of the public and private sectors.

McGinnis also appointed Martha Johnson as the council's new vice president for leadership and performance.

V. Chapman-Smith has been appointed the regional administrator for the National Archives and Records Administration's Mid-Atlantic Region. She took over at the center in Philadelphia late last month.

Phil Bond, undersecretary of Commerce for technology, is taking on the extra role of chief of staff for Commerce Secretary Don Evans. He replaced Laurie Fenton, who is retiring from government to return to the private sector.

Bond has been undersecretary since October, developing science and technology policy for the department. Before joining government, he was director of federal public policy for Hewlett-Packard Co.

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