NACo requests security help at a local level

NACo requests security help at a local level

The president of the National Association of Counties last week outlined a call to action for homeland security.

Javier Gonzales said the federal government should do six things:

  • Establish a homeland security tax credit

  • Rebuild the public health system

  • Approve a $3 billion Homeland Security Block Grant Act

  • Give Homeland Security director Tom Ridge power to direct resources

  • Set up a special fund for state and local governments

  • Strengthen communications among public safety departments.

Gonzales said state and local health departments need far more to upgrade computers and communications than the $865 million Congress has appropriated.

Gonzales urged passage of HR 3397, the Homeland Emergency Response Operations, or HERO, Act, to free up the 700-MHz radio band for first responders who often must work across county and department lines.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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