IBM unveils four new workstations

IBM unveils four new workstations

IBM Corp. today announced four new workstations, three based on the Intel IA-32 platform and one on IBM's own processor architecture.

IBM also will bring all future RISC and Intel workstations under the same IntelliStation brand name. That move reflects the realities of today's diverse workstation market, said John Holz, vice president of IBM's workstation group.

The new Unix product, the IntelliStation Power Model 265, falls between IBM's four-way Model 270 and entry-level Model 170 in IBM's line of RISC workstations, Holz said. The Model 265 can accommodate one or two 450-MHz IBM Power3-II processors, up to 8G of error-correcting code memory and up to 4M of ECC Level 2 cache. Options include IBM's GXT4500p or GXT6500p graphics accelerator cards.

'We're convinced that the Unix piece of the market will continue out as far as we can predict,' Holz said.

The new IntelliStation Pro workstations use 2.2-GHz Intel Pentium 4 or Intel Xeon processors and 512K of Level 2 cache.

The M Pro 6850 tower model can accommodate two Xeon chips, whereas the M Pro 6229 mini-tower and E Pro 6204/6214 are uniprocessor systems. They are built around either the Intel 845, 850 or 860 chip set with a 400-MHz system bus. The E Pro 6204 and E Pro 6214 differ only in form factor: The 6204 is a desktop workstation; the 6214 is a minitower.

Pricing for entry-level configurations without monitors starts at $1,400 for the Intel-based IntelliStation systems and $5,000 for the Model 265, Holz said.

In conjunction with the workstation debut, IBM introduced a flat-panel monitor with 2,048- by 1,536-pixel resolution for a price between $3,000 and $4,000.

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