Sen. Voinovich introduces Digital TechCorps companion bill

Sen. Voinovich introduces Digital TechCorps companion bill

Interest in the idea of letting federal IT employees spend time working in the private sector is growing in the Senate. Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) earlier this month introduced a companion version to Rep. Tom Davis' (R-Va.) Digital Tech Corps bill.

The bill, S 1913, would let agency employees and private-sector IT workers swap positions for up to two years. The intention is that feds would gain technical expertise and private-sector employees would bring their knowledge to the government.

Davis introduced his bill, HR 2678, last August, but it did not move out of the Government Reform Subcommittee on Civil Service and Agency Organization. He hopes to advance the legislation this spring.

The government would pay its employees' salaries and benefits during the switch, and employees would sign contracts to return to their federal jobs.

Voinovich introduced the bill in the Senate on Davis' behalf, said Scott Milburn, the senator's spokesman.

'Sen. Voinovich is especially interested in the training component of the bill,' Milburn said. 'It is an investment in the employee and makes federal employment more desirable. It is a great recruitment tool.'

Voinovich's bill was referred to the Governmental Affairs Committee.

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