Software helps agencies finger network intruders

Software helps agencies finger network intruders

The Labor Department, Federal Bureau of Prisons and state of Oregon recently installed intrusion detection software that monitors systems enterprisewide and sends alerts in the event of external or internal breaches.

The software, NetVision Policy Management Suite from NetVision Inc. of Orem, Utah, scrutinizes all network activity and notifies network administrators and agency officials of any malicious intrusion or tampering.

In real time, the program detects changes made, who made them, and when and where they occurred, NetVision president Todd Lawson said.

It's crucial that intrusion detection applications screen in-house activities, Lawson noted, because "the FBI said that 80 percent of intrusions are internal."

The need to protect health data and meet the looming requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 have boosted purchases of intrusion detection software, he said. For example, the New York Transit Authority installed the NetVision suite about six months ago because it helps the agency meet HIPAA mandates in reporting health information for city bus drivers.

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