Software exec praises government backup efforts

Software exec praises government backup efforts

Which sector is better prepared for systems disaster recovery, government or commercial? In the opinion of one software executive, it's government.

"In reality, the commercial sector is where backup has descended to almost a discretionary level" of priority, said Gary Bloom, president of Veritas Software Corp. of Mountain View, Calif., a maker of backup, recovery and storage management software. By contrast, "government is well prepared for true disaster," he said.

Sept. 11 changed the ground rules for both government and industry, Bloom said at the Information Processing Interagency Council 2002 conference in Orlando, Fla. Until then, disaster typically meant a crucial hard drive crash or a flooded server room. The backup hardware might be on a different floor, as was true for the Pentagon, or even an adjacent building, as in New York.

Government agencies have taken a more serious approach to security and given backup systems a higher priority than have commercial enterprises, he said.

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