Contractor job shuffle ahead at DOD

Contractor job shuffle ahead at DOD

Foreign nationals could not hold IT jobs deemed sensitive under a proposal being considered by the Defense Department. It could receive approval within 60 to 90 days.

The proposal, which grew out of a Navy survey to gauge its dependency on foreign personnel in IT jobs, would require background investigations of all contractors and foreign nationals working in sensitive but unclassified IT positions. Those in the most sensitive jobs would likely be shuffled around, according to Defense officials.

'The IT business has become largely contractual, with programming and data work being farmed out to areas where there is cheap labor,' said Pete Nelson, Defense Department deputy director for personnel security, in a statement.

'If this trend does not simultaneously take into consideration security requirements, there would be reason for concern'As we review our security requirements as a nation, we need to ensure all people with access to sensitive IT systems are cleared and properly vetted for the material to which they have access.'

Nelson said DOD has not yet determined how many contractors would be affected by the proposal.

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