Midwest roads scholars peel out on wireless

Midwest roads scholars peel out on wireless

The Nebraska Roads Department is going wireless.

For years, the department's users patiently sent huge computer-aided design files and geographic information system files over 56-Kbps and T1 lines, said Joe Kellner, the information technical support manager. 'All that graphical stuff just choked those lines,' he said.

Now the department is using bridges from Avaya Inc. of Basking Ridge, N.J. An antenna atop headquarters in Lincoln, Neb., shoots microwaves to another building a half-mile away. Another seven sites will link the same way to the department's district office in Omaha.

If the 1-Gbps wireless network works well, Nebraska will deploy it to 117 roads offices in eight districts statewide, Kellner said.

The wireless links 'will eliminate a tremendous amount of communications line costs,' he said. 'This should save us a bundle.'

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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