North Carolina offers seat management deals

North Carolina offers seat management deals

North Carolina last month became the second state to offer a seat management contract for hardware, software and IT services.

The contract offers state and local government agencies the opportunity to buy IT products and services from one point of contact. Virginia was the first state to sign such a deal.

The four companies on the five-year contract are ACS Enterprise Solutions of Raleigh, N.C.; DynCorp TechServ LLC of Reston, Va.; IBM Corp. and OAO Corp. of Greenbelt, Md.

The contract offers distributed computing services to state agencies, local governments, libraries, universities, community colleges and public schools. They can buy desktop and notebook PCs, printers, software, servers, network components and computer training.

The contract will give the state better asset management and better control over IT costs, said Wendy Kuhn, a spokeswoman for North Carolina's Office of IT Services. The vendors are offering better prices, as they would in a regular statewide outsourcing contract, Kuhn said. The difference is that nobody is required to buy IBM PCs or use DynCorp's services, she said.

'This is a convenience contract,' Kuhn said. 'Agencies don't have to use it. But if they think it would be less expensive to use a vendor from the seat management contract than to manage their own LAN, then they can go for it.'

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