USPS updates payroll processing system

USPS updates payroll processing system

The Postal Service has chosen two applications from Mitem Corp. of Menlo Park, Calif., to streamline payroll processing. Postal supervisors will no longer have to fill out paper forms for employee payroll adjustments every two weeks.

Starting next month they will use a secure browser application custom-developed by Mitem to submit adjustment requests and receive acknowledgments. There are 20,000 to 30,000 payroll adjustment requests each pay period.

Postal Service accounting technicians have been using a browser application written for the company's MitemView middleware since last October to make involuntary payroll deductions for employee tax levies, garnishments or child support payments.

The message-oriented middleware links legacy postal accounting systems to client browsers. USPS runs MitemView under OS/390 on a mainframe from Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif. The middleware also runs under other mainframe and server operating systems. Browser applications written for it execute under 32-bit Microsoft Windows.

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