ITAA lists nine ways to counter terrorism using IT

ITAA lists nine ways to counter terrorism using IT

The Immigration and Naturalization Service recently sent to the Office of Homeland Security recommendations from the private-sector on how to conduct counterterrorism operations through the use of integrated IT.

Information Technology Association of America officials and member companies met with the INS and came up with nine suggestions during a meeting late last year.

INS Commissioner James Ziglar said the recommendations would help provide businesses with investment advice and a better understanding of law enforcement and intelligence operations.

ITAA recommendations are:

  • Use federal enterprise planning to define agencies' business needs for countering terrorist threats.

  • Appoint a partner that would have authority to manage the enterprise.

  • Delineate the parts of the federal government that participate in the fight against terrorism.

  • Develop and record the business objectives that would result from this initiative.

  • Assemble the data required to support these processes.

  • Develop and maintain an inventory of interagency projects available for agencies to use while the management and administrative structures of the federal enterprise are constructed.

  • Work with the administration to examine budget mechanisms that will support federal enterprise projects.

  • Establish and maintain common project management structures and reporting to standardize interagency IT processes.

  • Identify a legal review and policy group to support federal enterprise projects.

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