Crossword Puzzle


2.A defensive structure

4.Tracks federal incidents

7.Yes (Fr.)

8. Measures personal characteristics

11.British knight

12.Early jazz, or an old towel

14.Most serious condition

16.Top infection of 2001

19.System break-in

21.Distributed attack

22.Mrs. Barker

23.Files executed in sequence

24.'Citizen Kane' studio

25.Large vessel

26.Killer whale

27.Mr. Corleone

29.Network-attached storage

30. Repair

31.HP's reduced-instruction-set-computing processor

34. Ex bad-guy hackers

37. Your log-in code

40. A noncomputer virus

42. Mexican horseman (Span.)

44. Snake's payload

45. Delivery system of viruses


1.A worm (and a famous cat)

2. A digit ID

3. Type of domain search

5. Taxing agency

6. Calls Carnegie Mellon home

9. Look this one in the mouth

10. Integrated Device Electronics

13.Type of code to avoid

15.Serious theater

17. Poor transmission

18. Sneaky entrance

20. Feline

21. Unconnected system

23. All computer code

28. Do this with your packets

32. Information Technology Service

33. Compromised computer in a DDOS attack

35. Basic text format

36. False report

38. What antivirus programs do

39. It slithers inside your system

40. Agency that checks your food

41. Acronym for Web address

43. Agency/employee overseer

For the answers, go to and click on Crossword/Puzzle under the Logging Off section.

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