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Where's the beef? It comes in a case of Omaha Steaks, as payment for a publishable end-user case study about data backup to go into a book. The authors at www.netfrontiers.com, Network Frontiers LLC of San Francisco, say they have other edible prizes for vegans and vegetarians, and they promise that 'your e-mail address will never be used for spam on ham, spam and eggs, or anything else vile.'

Not on GSA schedule. Nokia's Vertu subsidiary sells gold, stainless steel and platinum wireless phones for about $20,000 apiece. And an Austrian company, Peter Aloisson at www.aloisson.com, upgrades Ericsson T68 Internet phones with gold and jewels, starting at $24,000. Just don't drop one on your Rolex.

Jam session. One popular cell phone accessory is an antenna with a flashing light on top, but the Federal Communications Commission has warned sellers to shut off devices used to trigger the lights at sales counters. The commission has gotten dozens of reports of interference with cell phones and public-safety radios'but the antenna light itself is OK.

Hiding in plain sight. A rogue currency trader at Baltimore's Allfirst Bank who caused $691 million in losses kept the falsified records on his PC in a file called 'Fake Docs.' At least he was honest.

Steal this print driver. The Webster Commission report on FBI turncoat Robert Hanssen says investigators found an unauthorized password-cracking program on his hard drive. Hanssen told them he needed to access a new color printer, but the systems administrator was unavailable. Hanssen said he was forced to crack the admin's password. What's your excuse? Tell us at [email protected].

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