Unisys systems run Windows, mainframe OSes

Three new midrange mainframe computers from Unisys Corp. use the same cellular multiprocessing architecture as the company's Enterprise Server ES7000.

Processors grouped in four-CPU pods connect through a high-bandwidth crossbar interconnect. The new midrange systems run applications under both mainframe and Microsoft Windows operating systems, marketing director Rod Sapp said.

The ClearPath Plus CS7201 accommodates up to 32 32-bit 900-MHz Pentium III Xeon or 64-bit Itanium CPUs. It runs either Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Datacenter Server, but it also can run the Unisys MCP mainframe OS and MCP applications under Win 2000.

The four- to 32-processor CS7402 can be configured with up to four partitions for separate Win 2000 or Unisys OS/2200 applications. It requires a minimum of four Unisys complementary metal-oxide semiconductor processors, but the remaining chips can be either Unisys or Intel Corp. processors. A four-processor CS7402 that can execute 20 million instructions per second starts at $587,000.

The CS7802 handles up to eight partitions for OS/2200 and Win 2000 applications, Sapp said.

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