DT/Studio tackles data integration

DT/Studio, an extraction, transformation and loading tool for data integration projects, moves data from multiple sources into target applications in three steps.

First, the application reverse-engineers the source data to establish its architecture, said Stephen Aikins, product development manager for Embarcadero Technologies Inc. of San Francisco.

Next, it transforms the data into the new format. Last, it populates the target database or other application at an appropriate speed for that app. With Java Database Connectivity drivers, DT/Studio can handle data from relational databases as well as flat files, Aikins said.

The application, which runs on multiple platforms' Java Virtual Machine, has more than 1,000 built-in functions ranging from monetary conversion to statistical calculations. Users can build custom functions using Java, JavaScript or Extensible Markup Language.

DT/Studio starts at $35,000. Contact Embarcadero at 415-834-3131

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