HP-Compaq federal strategy set

Government customers can expect more continuity than change from the newly merged Hewlett-Packard Co. and Compaq Computer Corp.

The post-merger company calls itself Hewlett-Packard and will rebrand most, but not all, Compaq products as HP over the coming year.

Both HP and Compaq customers can continue using their current technical support contacts for the time being.

Jim Weynand, formerly Compaq's vice president of state and local government and education markets, will lead the new HP public-sector division.

Bruce Klein, who served as HP's general manager of federal sales before the merger, will head the federal segment.

'Existing customers won't see significant changes on who's responsible for their accounts,' Klein said. His organization will continue to manage both companies' high-performance computing projects, which began before the merger.

The projects include a 1,388-processor supercomputer for the Energy Department's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., and a 2,728-processor system at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M.

In choosing which products to drop, the chief factor'in the absence of compelling technical reasons'was market share, said Michael Capellas, HP president and chief operating officer.
HP will continue its server lines based on IA-32, PA-RISC and 64-bit Intel Itanium processors. HP and Intel Corp. jointly developed the Itanium over the last seven years.

ProLiants prosper

The ProLiant name inherited from Compaq IA-32 servers will continue, too. The company also is retaining the fault-tolerant NonStop servers that Compaq acquired from the former Tandem Computers Inc.

The servers will run Microsoft Windows, Linux and HP-UX. The company will integrate the cluster and file-system features of Compaq's Tru64 Unix into HP-UX. It also will port OpenVMS, the legacy OS inherited from Digital Equipment Corp., to Itanium.

HP will market enterprise storage hardware under the Digital-Compaq StorageWorks brand and storage software as HP OpenView.

Compaq's iPaq line of handheld computers running Microsoft Windows CE will take on the new name HP iPaq Pocket PC. The company will phase out the HP Jornada.

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