NTIS posts online directory of government research

The Commerce Department's National Technical Information Service is developing an online catalog to help scientists and citizens find government research results.

The www.scitechresources.gov site has a database of about 1,000 sites that NTIS staff members have selected over the past year, said Walter Finch, director of program planning for NTIS in Springfield, Va.

The database, a simple in-house program, builds a wide-area information server index from text files. It permits keyword searches across all topics or restricts them to a single topic such as biology, Earth sciences or aeronautics.

Visitors to www.scitechresources.gov can use predefined resource tags to specify the type of resource they are looking for'software, data, maps, photographs, technology transfer opportunities or ask-an-expert Web sites.

Starting points

'It's not meant to be all-inclusive,' Finch said. Rather, the site targets government Web sites deemed to be the best starting points for scientists, engineers and science-aware citizens to begin their online explorations.

The NTIS site complements the interagency portal at www.science.gov. The www.scitechresources.gov site has been live for a few months but has not been formally launched. NTIS welcomes suggestions to add to the database, Finch said.

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