New Micron PC sports 2.53-GHz chip, fast USB

The recently released 2.53-GHz Pentium 4 processor powers an updated line of ClientPro managed systems from MicronPC LLC, but the Nampa, Idaho, maker won't unveil a new chassis design until fall.

MicronPC is waiting to match the chassis with Microsoft Corp.'s forthcoming keyboards and mice in a 12-tone metallic and matte palette of 'black and gray with hints of blue or purple,' product development director Rob Wheadon said. One keyboard will have a smart-card reader.

Starting around $1,000 with 256M of RAM and a 20G hard drive, the ClientPro 325 has a 533-MHz system bus and six superfast Universal Serial Bus 2.0 ports. The new USB 2.0's theoretical throughput is 480 Mbps; current USB ports max out at 12 Mbps.

Wheadon said buyers can upgrade to the Microsoft Windows XP operating system as their agencies phase out the discontinued Windows NT 4.0.

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