Crossword Buy, Buy, E-buy


1. Proposal round before award

3. Agency money source

10.Hot term for info sec

12. Small child

14. Airline

17. Danger

18. Seedling

20.Make a mistake

21.Backwards bidding war (two words)

22.Federal buying overseer

24.Common hashing algorithm

25.Frozen H2O


29.Contractor's offer

30.Twins Hall of Famer

31.Investment vehicle


33.Info in a system

34.Vital part


36.Buying bible

37.Where spellers meet


39.Systems boss

40.Dial-up need

45.Security acronym

48.Nongender pronoun

50.Agencies place these

53.Sign of a hit show

54.Personal passcode

55.Snack or visitor data

56.Law to squelch paperwork


1.A-1 approach


3.Shorthand for helper

4.Old-style buying form (two words)

5. Possess

6. Regret

7. Online ID check

8. Such systems work together

9. Uncle Sam's std. shop

11. Proofs of online ID

13.Boston hockey great

15. Sorrow

16. GSA's online market

19. G-to-B or G-to-C exchanges

23.Nonbuying shopper or Web interface


28.Gold in Spain

32.Animal foot

41.Performance measure

42.Sun chip

43.Quick stop on a site

44.Shorthand for federal online efforts

46.Ubiquitous form format

47.Online John Hancock, briefly

48.Net services vendor, in short

49.Daddy's little boy

51.Noah's vessel

52.Golf necessity


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