HUD develops metrics to measure IT

Gloria Parker

The Housing and Urban Development Department is creating a set of standard metrics to evaluate its IT projects.

The move comes as most agencies are trying to measure project success based on how well their systems contribute to meeting their agencies' missions. The Office of Management and Budget has promised to tie funding to agencies' abilities to use technology to further their work. CIO Gloria Parker said all of HUD's systems will be held to the new standards.

'We want to make sure the technology investment is viable,' she said at the Federation of Government Information Processing Council's Management of Change Conference in New Orleans earlier this month. 'In the past, we measured how it operated, but we need to see how the technology relates to our mission.'

The standards will help HUD decide which projects it should maintain, end or change to better meet its mission, Parker said.

'We will have to meet certain parts of the criteria along the way,' she said. 'We will monitor and evaluate the project to understand how it is working.'

Parker said the metrics would be finished in August.

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