Linux vendors unite to build a common OS

Four distributors of the open-source Linux are joining forces to sell a uniform server version.

The UnitedLinux distribution will make it easier for hardware and software makers to certify their products for Linux platforms, said Holger Dyroff, North American sales director for Suse Inc. of Oakland, Calif.

Present Linux distributions have slight differences that require third-party vendors to conduct multiple tests on their products, Dyroff said.

Suse joins Caldera International Inc. of Lindon, Utah, Conectiva S.A. of Curitiba, Brazil, and TurboLinux Inc. of San Francisco as the founders of UnitedLinux. All four companies plan to release their first UnitedLinux products late this year.

Instead of joining the UnitedLinux group, Red Hat Inc. of Durham, N.C., has created its own vendor alliance around its Linux Advanced Server product.

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